Love Letters


A celebration of the written word. Gift the joy of sending a handwritten letter.


Saint Signora Wax Seal & Antique Wax Sticks. Traditionally used to ensure letters were opened only by the intended recipient, add little mystery to any correspondence by adding a beautiful wax seal. Step back in time to writing with ink by candlelight then seal your message with this unique design by Saint Signora. The Fleur and Olives seal design adds a sophisticated touch to a wedding or party invitation or a special letter to family, friend or lover. 

Slipper Handmade Cotton Paper & Envelopes. In the days of mobile phones, texts, tweets and emojis, letter writing has never felt more special. Elevate your words with this set of five notecards and envelopes of handmade pale pink sheets, with soft textured edges. A classic size and paper weight perfect for writing and calligraphy.

Abalone Handmade Cotton Paper Sheets & Envelopes. To complement the Slipper stationary set, this time five notecards and envelopes is a light grey, purple Abalone color and is made from 100% rag cotton. Also suitable for printing with letterpress, inkjet and foil. 

Solid Brass Ball-point Pen. Let the words flow whether you’re writing your biography, a love poem, or the weekly shopping list. This elegantly minimal pen is cast in solid brass, balancing form and function.

8x8x4 Box