Perfect Provisions


Simply delicious classic ingredients packed with flavor. For that foodie in your life who shows their love through feeding others, and always has a new recipe to share.


LUCID Olive oil by Brightland. Sourced from a family-run Californian farm, this fruity oil is made from Coratina olives, picked and pressed on the same day in a certified organic mill. The beautifully designed bottle contains a lemony, zesty oil, full of the warmth of sunny olive groves. Use it generously to add depth of flavor to roasted veggies, greens, salad, pasta and in cocktails.

Beautiful Briny Sea Salts. Salt is the secret to flavorsome food, so it makes sense to use the best. Created in small batches in Atlanta, Georgia these two seasoning blends will bring your cooking to life. The French Picnic salt elevates any dish with a classic combination of mustard, garlic, and herbs de Provence. The Sultan Papadopoulos salt transports your taste buds to the Aegean Sea with Turkish spices and Greek herbs. Garlic, Oregano, Turmeric, Chilli, and Lemon bring the taste of sun-soaked islands and warm blue seas to your kitchen.

Mierco Tea Towel. A cook can never have too many tea towels. This Mierco Linen Jacquard cloth is a beautiful take on an everyday essential. Practical and long-lasting, it gets softer with each wash.

8x8x4 Box