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Help them settle in at college with a few home comforts that will make their life (and saying goodbye) just a little easier. Contains a collection of fun and practical essentials for anyone leaving the nest for the first time.


Memobottle. A stylish reusable flat water bottle (A6 size) to keep studious minds hydrated. Extra points for the Australian makers, as Memobottle works in partnership with to give someone access to two months of clean water for every bottle sold. Designed to fit easily in a bag, it’s a simple and convenient way to reduce plastic waste.

Peak Popcorn Popper. For movie nights and tasty snacks, this collapsible popcorn bowl creates a fresh, delicious microwaved treat in just two minutes. Add a favorite salty (or sweet) topping and enjoy knowing that by replacing single-use bags, this reusable dish is also reducing waste.

Popcorn Kernels & Salt. If there was an Oscar for best popcorn we think this one would win the award. Wabash Valley Farm in Indiana has been making popcorn for over 30 years. Whether you’re watching a Rom-Com, Sci-fi, or Action film, these tasty gourmet kernels and salt mean there’s always a happy ending. 

Truff Hot Sauce. Fans of this ultimate hot sauce (and there are lots) say it elevates almost any dish, from burgers and sandwiches to Mac & cheese. Infused with black truffle, it can make even cafeteria food taste gourmet. 

Denim Refresher. Keep your denim fresh between washes with this antibacterial spray that neutralizes odors and keeps your jeans from needing to be laundered. The non-toxic formula by Norfolk Natural Living in England prevents color fade and reduces wear and tear.

Essential Hand Sanitizer. Protect and care with this nourishing organic pocket hand sanitizer from Noshinku. The minimal design fits neatly in your pocket or bag for clean, healthy hands anywhere. 

Sneaker Cleaning Wipes. Keep your shoes looking box fresh with these wipes. Created by UK brand Men’s Society, the formula is designed to tackle mud and grime so that your trainers are always ready for your next step. 

15x15x4.5 Box