Aspiring Hemingway


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” - Ernest Hemingway.

This is for the creative one, the person you know who always has a great story to tell.


The Rustico Leather Journal. For those big ideas, the story of your life, or just somewhere to doodle. This handmade journal is one to be kept and treasured. Crafted from the finest leather and acid-free paper, it will elevate any writing. Keep it on your desk, beside your bed, or in your bag as a place to document the things that matter.

Ranger Station Candle. This grass and charred sage scented candle inspires the memory of a just-finished thunderstorm, an evocative image that's sure to be appreciated by any author. Better yet, the candle comes in a reusable whisky glass, with matches and a cocktail recipe that you can enjoy once the candle is finished. Two inspirational ways to set the mood for writing that bestselling novel.

Izola Solid Brass Ball-Point Pen. Let the words flow whether you’re writing you’re biography, a love poem, or the weekly shopping list. This elegantly minimal pen is cast in solid brass, balancing both form and function.

10x10x4 Box